Liars Tournament

Liars Tournament
A mysterious invitation pulls you in a hidden bar for the select few who can find it. A croupier welcomes you and a dart board with no darts is not the only riddle you have to solve. The stage has been set, by the end of the night you will find out who amongst you is the greatest con-artist! From the moment you enter everyone of you is on their own. You have to find a way to climb to the top! Here every form of deception amongst you is allowed, no, rewarded! The gates to the Liars Tournament have opened. The search for the greatest con begins! Let the best swindler win!
time120' players5 - 12

Additional Information

Live Acting included

This is not a riddle based room but rather an interactive game between the players

The croupier has a preference towards a formal dress code

Two free glasses of wine and accompaniments will be provided

The winner does not pay

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