Escape the Car - Killer

Escape the Car - Killer
Robinson Woods – Illinois 2002 While driving through the deserted street in Robinson Woods, something mysteriously interrupts your journey. The car has no fuel and a dreadful feeling that something bad is about to happen has taken over you! Maybe it is just the rumors about abominable crimes. Rumors about cannibals. Rumors about psychopathic killers that seek to provide a torturous end to anyone crossing this area. The storm limits your visibility but you are certain that something outside your car is staring at you. Trapped inside your last haven, your car, will you find a way out or are you going to become the next victims?
time80' players2 - 4

Additional Information

Live Acting included

The game takes place inside a car

Ability to move inside the car required

Optimal number of players 3

Comfortable clothes recommended

Not recommended for people with claustrophobia

Not recommended for people with epilepsy

Not recommended for people with heart problems

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