Escape the Car - Dream

Escape the Car - Dream
Robinson Woods – Illinois 2004 You are well aware of what took place in this forest in the past. You know all about the abominable deaths that came to light after the arrest of the maniacal killer of Illinois. Rumor has it that the forest never truly calmed after that. Some nights you can still hear the cries of the victims! You never intended to stop here. Why did it get so dark so fast? When did the clock show 12am? Why do you feel so tired? Trapped inside your car, you try to wake up. Every time you close your eyes, the nightmares get worse. Something is trying to trap you here forever! You are too scared to open your eyes anymore.
time80' players2 - 4

Additional Information

The game takes place inside a car

Ability to move inside the car required

Optimal number of players 3

Comfortable clothes recommended

Not recommended for people with claustrophobia

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