What is an escape room?

Escape Rooms are indoor games. These are specially designed spaces in which a scenario is taking place, where the starring characters are the members of the participating team. It is an alternative form of entertainment in which players are required to solve puzzles and mini tasks, to collaborate and use their logic to accomplish the task set by the escape room scenario. The decor - atmosphere of the venue is faithful to the script and often the presence of an actor-performer.

What should I expect?

Located in the center of Athens, our company has 4 separate venues with a wide variety of themes, puzzles and atmosphere. Choose the one that suits your fellowship tastes and prepare for a journey away from everyday-life. Become the protagonist of a fascinating story that will amaze you. Collaborate, unfold the story, and solve imaginative and logical puzzles. If you want to experience the ultimate escape room experience make your reservation NOW!

Is there an age limit?

In the regular version of our escape rooms the age limit is over 15 years. For younger ages it is necessary to have a parent or guardian, or alternatively, the room can be adapted to the kid-friendly version upon request.

What should I wear?

Whichever escape room of our company should you choose to play, there is no special dressing code that you should follow. Nonetheless it is essential you are casually and comfortably dressed as it might be needed to go through a passage or similar action (ex. climb or run etc).

What happens if I can not attend after all?

Our company - where appropriate - calls for confirmation the person who made the reservation either a day earlier or a few hours before the appointment. However, it is ethically necessary to let us know in advance, if for any reason you cannot attend.

What happens if I arrive delayed?

Ideally the team should be at Lockbusters venues 10 minutes before the appointment. In case of a long delay, we are obligaded to remove time from the game.

What happens if I need to exit the game?

If the team or player wishes to leave the game before it is completed, all of our rooms have a panic button, the use of which automatically opens the exit. Your exit is not automaticaly ending the game, so you can return back to the game as soon as you feel ready again.

Do you host special events?

At Lockbusters you can book many kinds of events in downtown Athens (Monastiraki). Kid parties, team building / team bonding, surprise parties, wedding proposals or any other occasion you have in mind. Click HERE to see the events that can take place in our escape rooms.

Are there any discounts?

Our company offers ~20% discount for the second room to all teams with 3 or more members in case they choose to play two or more rooms back to back.