Our company is located in the center of Athens, has 5 separate rooms with a wide variety of themes, puzzles and atmospheres. In our premises you can find a specially designed space 30sq.m. which can accommodate you before or after an escape room. The space has a living room with ethernet ports for laptops and can be used for food from catering, presentations, discussion, games or whatever else is needed on request.

Team Building

Our Escape rooms are specially designed spaces that test the skills of all team members. Entering a room the members of the team are trapped and must work together to find a way to escape. Team members are invited to work together to solve a series of logical puzzles as well as to perform a series of tasks that can highlight the different abilities of each individual It is an environment that tests teamwork, collaboration, observational skills and the ingenuity of team members. For this reason, escape rooms are an ideal environment for executive selection and training. In fact, our rooms have increased difficulty with difficult puzzles and original mechanisms to train members of the team to operate under pressure and develop skills such as observational skills, organizability, teamwork, and problem solving. Through the game, the different characteristics of each player can be highlighted such as: Logical Thinking Problem Solving Observation Teamwork Communication Combinational thinking and perception Time Management Leadership Video can be recorded for later analysis on request.

Kid Parties

The Lockbusters company has created escape games specially designed for children. This is an alternative way of entertainment. You can make a special gift to your child, an escape game, since he can now have his birthday party with his friends in one of our rooms trying to escape together. Once our little friends have escaped, they can continue playing either by playing board games or by cutting a cake, as there is a specially designed space that can accommodate you. Of course, if you want to be present throughout the party there are places where you can sit for as long as you wish. Depending on the ages of the group in the room, an actor may be present with them to supervise throughout the game. Also, if a parent wants to take part in the game, we can place parents and children together in the room.

Special Occasions

If you want to organize a special wedding proposal or a birthday party or any other special event, contact us and the Lockbusters team will tailor the rooms to your needs to surprise your friends.

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